Royal Lounge

    Royal Lounge Carlos V – Small Royal Lounge Carlos V
    It is the perfect choice for large parties and important meetings. It has the ability to expand capacity by joining the Real living boy Carlos V.
    It is located on the ground floor of the Hotel Carlos V and is notable for its versatility in assembly, depending on the event.

    • Dimensions: 11,50m x 25m.
    • Capacity: hasta 300 personas
    • Configuration options:



    Emperor Lounge

    Ideal for entertaining clients and colleagues, our lounge suits your requirements for its wide variety of dimensions and armed. Up to 150 people can enjoy the excellent service along with the support of our technical equipment and catering services. Integrates with our solar courtyard and lobby.

    • Dimensions: 13m x 12,5m x 16,5m
    • Capacity: hasta 150 personas
    • Configuration options:



    Maximilian Lounge

    Comfortable, private and cozy to suit your requirements. It is ideal for meetings, courses and presentations. It has a solar patio that gives natural light and access to the lobby for food service.

    • Dimensions: 6,20m x 8,50m
    • Capacity: hasta 50 personas
    • Configuration options:



    VIP Lounge

    Private and exclusive. It is intimate and excellent scope for small corporate meetings. It offers the possibility of simultaneous and ongoing service cafeteria.
    • Dimensions: 6,20m x 2,75m
    • Capacity: hasta 25 personas
    • Configuration options: